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Discovering My First Tall Brand

When I was younger, it was so hard to find pants with long inseams. I had one pair of pants that were boot-cut and they were way too big for me. I didn't like the way they looked on me at all! I only wore them maybe once or twice even after my mom had them altered. I was convinced at this point that all tall clothing brands were frumpy and uncomfortable. In 2016 I discovered a brand called Alloy Apparel. I knew about them for a little while but I never could afford to buy any of the clothes. The job I was working in 2018 paid very well and I finally went and bought several items from their website. After receiving the items and trying them on, I cried a little! I never knew what it felt like to have pants that were too long! I was ecstatic. I immediately started sharing their website with all of my tall friends!

Finding clothes that are long enough is every tall girls dream! I gained so much confidence from wearing clothes from Alloy. I started buying items from them almost every month it felt like. A few items here and there added up quickly. I eventually donated all of the pants that didn't fit me properly and made room for my new ones! I now have a closet full of clothes from Alloy Apparel and they have seriously changed my life.

The pants I'm wearing in the photo are no longer made by Alloy Apparel. You can find similar styles below!

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